Christina Dianellou

SalsaCD is run by Christina Dianellou who is a Professional Salsa Instructor with over 13 years experience. Christina found Salsa at University and was invited to teach for 'Louis the Salsa King Lettman'. After university Christina decided to set up her own Salsa Company - SalsaCD. Christina started salsa at Bickley School Dancing 7 years ago, and it was here she was introduced to David Roberts, who at that time was the President of the UKA. Christina qualified as a UKA teacher, and then began training salsa students to take UKA medal examinations. Christina also trains dancers who wish to obtain a professional UKA professional qualification as teachers. It is thought that Bickley School of Dancing was one of the first schools to offer the UKA medal system for Salsa. Over the years SalsaCD has expanded and continues to do so. Christina has choreographed yearly shows for the Glades in Bromley to raise money for Great Ormond Street.


Raphael / aka Rupert Dianellou

Raphael also known as Rupert joined SalsaCD 5 years ago, and was trained by Christina, he achieved the highest level with the UKA Gold Medal and is a UKA Professional Instructor. Since joining SalsaCD Raphael has brought a new flare to SalsaCD, in bringing a multitude of guests, including Orville Small, Super Mario, Susana Montero, Leon Rose, Osbanis & Iris, Janet Fuentes Torres, Inaki Fernandez, and Moe Flex. 

Raphael has given Salsa dancers in the Kent areas opportunities they otherwise may not have had.  Raphael aims to continue bringing in special guests, and brought to Bickley 3 times world open champion Janet Fuentes Torres to teach for us for 6 weeks, this is followed with Iris and Osbanis continuing to guest teach at Bickley. Raphael has been opening new venues around the area, and is preparing for SalsaCD's latest events including bringing back our very special guests Orville Small and  Los Hermanos.


Past Guest Teachers

Guest Teacher

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