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with 12 years experience you get nothing but the best

Monday - Bromley

UKA Training - Bromley

UKA Training 
Course 1

Text Box: The second course will be begin on the 1st September. Well done to all those who have completed course 1 and we now move on with syllabus for Bronze and Silver, as well as leading, tricks and dips for the Gold/Gold Star. To continue with the UKA courses you will need to sign up for the course in advance. Course 2 is 8 weeks long and costs 56.00. 
1st September 2008





Train for UKA medals or UKA teaching with UKA Trainer Christina Dianellou

who has over 15 years experience .

Join Christina, Rupert, Sarah, Richard and Sharna for medals.

Training you for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Star 1, and Gold Star 2.

Starts 9pm - 11pm Entry 56 for Gold/Gold Star course mentioned above

8.00 for Bronze and Silver or make a saving and pay 56 for 8 week course

For full details click here. To enter next years 2008 exam join now!


Bickley School of Dance
St Augustines Avenue

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Monday - Santa Fe Bluewater

Doors Open 7.30pm

Classes start 8.30pm

Club 9.30pm - 12.00am

Non-Members 7, Members 6

Club 3

Free Parking 

With UKA instructors

Santa Fe
Lower Level
The Water Circus

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