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Artist Name:          Various Artists                                                                    

Album Name:      SalsaCD Vol 1

Cat. No.                JFCCD015

SalsaCD was set up by Christina Dianellou who has been dancing and teaching for at least 12 years. Through her many years of experience her passion for salsa music became stronger.  In this first volume Christina has chosen a compilation of her favorites salsa tracks, that she feels every experienced salsa dancer or novice will enjoy.  When in the DJ box many of these tracks are requested if not by name by humming that tune.  SalsaCD Volume One can start off a fabulous salsa collection or add to one that has already been started. With a mix of favorites classics, and brand new tracks SalsaCD shares their passion of music with you.

All this for £10.00


Look out for Volume Two.


Artist Name:          Palenke                                                                   

Album Name:      Kachaco



As many of you know Palenke has been in the London Latin Scene for quite a long time now.  After all these years and efforts, we have finally put together an Album full of feelings, memories, anecdotes and stories we have shared.  Most songs composed by Lisandro Zapata are a mix of his Rock and Roll background, modern R&B and hip hop, with a hint of Jazz and funk but as danceable as the lovely Salsa that have kept Palenke alive!  More traditional salsas are Adriana Santana’s compositions and a couple of cover songs have been chosen to give more variety to the album.  Kinacho, thanks to his experience at recording and sound engineering, has made Palenke’s sound one of the finest of all the bands in London.


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