Santa Fe 23rd March 2008 Edie, The Salsa Freak & Peter Fige

Edie & Peter


Santa Fe 31st December 2007 Orville Small New Years Special

36 Chambers


Santa Fe 26th August 2007 Leon Rose Project Bank Holiday Special

Warm up

Leon Rose Project

SalsaCD Charity Event, Bromley Glades, 14th July 2007

Display Coming Soon Display Coming Soon

Jo & Nathalie


Santa Fe 27th May 2007 Moe Flex Bank Holiday Special

Warm up

Moe Flex Sabroso

Santa Fe 6th May 2007 Los Hermanos Bank Holiday Special

Welcome Los Hermanos

Warm up

Los Hermanos Workshop Los Hermanos Performing Tapadera Loca
Paulos & Sharon Salsaton  

Santa Fe 8th April 2007 Orville & Sabrina Bank Holiday Special

Warm up

Orville Small Workshop

Cirque De Salsa Performing Hells Cafe Orville Small & Sabrina Buis Performing Blade

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